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  • Do the parcel is properly covered so that no one can see what z inside the parcel?
    yes, it is fully covered in a parcel.
  • what is the delivery charge?
    Depends upon the order amount and type of delivery.
  • How many pads are there in this packet of 180mm?
    Enter your answer here
  • Can it be used while swimming?
    I don't think so u can wear any sanitary pads while swimming but u can try if u like...
  • Are these pad are good after delivery for heavy flow?
    Not at all
  • How many piece?
    Check Description on Product Details
  • Is this cotton pads?
  • Does it have a Fragrance?
  • What do u mean by 3D breathable layer feature?
    The pad materials consist of a friction reducing, breathable top layer. 2 middle layers provide breathability and moisture transport. The main layer is where the magic happens.
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