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About SuperMate®

Sanitary pad is like a “Mate” for all females in the best years of their lives. That is why we decide to brand our sanitary pads as "SuperMate®". However, we regret to realize that, many African females are using poor quality sanitary pads in their periods.

Why choose our pads?


Instant Absorption

Instant absorption that leaves one dry and comfortable all the time

3D Breathable Layer

A 3D breathable layer which allows air circulation that eliminates chances of getting rashes and irritations.

Cotton soft

It is super cotton soft which is skin friendly and doesn't cause any kinds of frictions with the skin.


SuperMate® Pads 290/360 

Super cotton soft and skin friendly, doesn't cause any kinds of frictions with the skin

It has strong glue that doesn't allow the pad to flop easily

Fragrance and Chlorine free

Wide and comfortable wings which makes it fit well

Paper package which is eco friendly


We go with all kinds of flow.

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