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4 Things to keep in mind when buying a Sanitary pad

It’s a norm for most people to check the components of products when shopping and choose them according to their preferences .

When buying ice cream , you check the flavour , vanilla , chocolate , strawberry , name it all.

For some products it’s common to ask for the features just to see if it serves the purpose.

Sadly , most people don’t do that when it comes to sanitary pads .People always go for the cheapest brand or just go with a well known brand. Just like other products , pads have features to look at too.

It’s necessary to observe what the sanitary pads come with for the purpose of menstrual hygiene. Here are some of the features every good sanitary pad should have . Consider this the next time you go and buy one, it’s for your own good.

1. Absorption

A good sanitary pad should be able to absorb a large volume of blood in a short span of time. Blood should be well absorbed to eliminate the chances of staining your clothes.