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Everything you need to know about new SuperMate® mini-pads

During menstruation the flow varies from the first day to the last day. It’s known that the flow is less on the first day and the last day of your period.

Many sanitary pads come with 2 sizes of pads , that is

  • Long (usually 190mm - 290mm) : This is best for women with light and medium flows , and suitable for day use.

  • Extra Long (usually 330mm - 420mm) : This is best for women with heavy flows , and suitable for night use.

But you don’t have to use the above sizes when you have a very small flow. Mini-pads were introduced to solve that.

What are mini-pads ?

These are much smaller pads , much thinner , much shorter. They could be used in the pace of panty-liners as they absorb more blood or discharge.

Features of Mini-Pads

  • They have wings

  • They have a length from 150mm-180mm.

  • Pack comes with 20+ pieces.

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