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Why every lady should consider quality instead of price when buying sanitary Pads.

Updated: May 11, 2021

Growing up nobody ever tells us what to consider when buying sanitary pads. My mother didn’t tell me about it , my teachers at school didn’t say a thing about it.

When I got my first period , I remember buying pads just because I saw my friends using them. And since they were cheaper I said why not.Nobody ever told me , the choice of sanitary pads could affect a woman’s genital health.So I grew up choosing pads either because they were cheaper or because they were trendy.

You see , I love myself ; so it’s never a big deal investing in clothes , shoes , accessories , my hair could name it all. Thinking about it , I could never spend a lot on sanitary pads as I spend on myself . And well I know I'm not the only one.

Are pads really expensive ? We all know they are not. We just don’t want to keep them in our priority list , which we could easily do.

And now years later , I know better . I wish I could know this years back , but it’s not too late to make a change right.

Cheap Is Expensive.

You can now ask yourself , what do you consider when you buy sanitary pads .

  • Is it the price ?

  • Is it because everybody you know uses it ?

  • Or is it because you saw it being advertised on Instagram and decided to try it ?

Ever asked yourself why you never experienced vaginal itches , and smelly discharges before you got your periods. And all these symptoms started appearing after starting to wear sanitary pads. Chances are you are using the wrong pads.

Most women complain about pads making them uncomfortable or bruising them . Others have more critical effects such as rashes , burning and irritations.

Most of us always think there is something wrong with our bodies . We self-diagnose ourselves and claim that we have UTI or Yeast Infection. But girl , has it ever crossed your mind that the pad you are using is causing that.

This is a business world , most cheap things including pads have low quality which could really mess up our genital health .

Upgrade your Standards

It’s your responsibility to take care of your own health, not anybody’s . So here is what you should do .

  1. Have a monthly budget set aside for sanitary products ( sanitary pads inclusive)

  2. Do a little research on what pads out there have the best quality . Consider factors such as :

  • Absorption

  • Breathable Layer

  • Soft Surface

  • Light Weight

Purchase the pads , since you already have a budget for it.

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